Electricity Providers in Texas

Unlike the majority of states in the nation, Texas provides a wide range of energy providers to choose from when purchasing energy for your home or business through a deregulated marketplace. This open model creates a healthy competitive atmosphere among providers to keep energy companies more accountable and prices low. As part of this market, you have the unique opportunity to shop around and find the best deal for your particular energy needs.

Just Energy

Just Energy is one of the largest energy companies in the United States with nearly two million customers. Just energy provides both electricity and natural gas services, as well as offers a green energy option. Green energy is provided in Texas by the second largest wind farm in Texas, Sweetwater Wind Farm, located near Abilene. Plans include both fixed rate and price protected options.

TXU Energy

TXU Energy began as publicly owned Texas Utilities Company in 1945, and developed into a the private owned TXU in 1999. The company remains one of the largest energy providers in Texas with over two million customers. The company offers both fixed rates and month to month indexed plans, with both traditional and green energy sources.

Reliant Energy

Reliant Energy, backed by NRG energy, is trusted by more than 1.5 million customers in Texas. Reliant offers both month to month and fixed rate plans, as well as provides the additional service of smart phone applications to track your energy usage each month. Along with providing energy to Texas communities, Reliant takes part in community service through their CARE program, providing energy assistance to those in need.

Ambit Energy

Ambit Energy has been around only a short six years, but has quickly risen to one of the largest energy providers in Texas. Along with many of the same benefits as other energy companies, Ambit provides incentive plans, offering bill credits for referring other customers to Ambit’s services.

Green Mountain Energy

Green Mountain Energy helped to pave the way towards green energy use starting in 1997, and is the longest running purveyor of green energy in the nation. The company boasts more than 70 wind and solar facilities across the nation, and provides several different product and rate plans to customers in Texas. Along with energy, Green Mountain Energy also provides carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates to help individuals and businesses reduce their negative impact on the environment.

Additional Options

Additional options include Stream Energy, First Choice Power, Direct Energy and CPL Energy, as featured here, http://www.electricitycompaniestexas.com/ambit-energy/texas/m/mckinney/. Various other companies may also provide energy in your area, check your local listings for additional options. As with any type of shopping, it’s important to check out the plans and prices from various providers before making a commitment. Look closely at each plan and make a list of positive and negative factors so that in the end you end up with the best deal for your monthly energy costs.

The Top Ten Reasons To Become An Author

The main reason to become author is that you have something important to say. What else could motivate someone to choose this challenging and solitary path? What are the benefits of authorship?
1. You want to increase your expertise and credibility in your profession. Publishing in your field does that.
2. Publishing a book brings a sense of personal fulfillment.
3. Writing a book is on many people’s “bucket list” so others will admire you for having accomplished it.
4. “I’m an author” is a great cocktail party conversation starter.
5. Authorship is a great creative outlet.
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All You Need To Know To Write A Screenplay

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Write A Masterpiece: Find The Author In You

Write a Masterpiece
The first step to writing a masterpiece is to identify the power in your writing. A powerful writer is a successful writer. To write a masterpiece, the subject needs to be unique. For non-fiction and biographies, write a unique version of subjects previously written. The masterpiece begins with tiny kernels of ideas about a specific character, location, plot or point in time. You’ll know these ideas will become a masterpiece when the words you write flow easily. A masterpiece will write itself. The writer Read More…

Finding Your Way In The Writing World

So You Want To Be A Writer?
There’s something inside every individual who turns to writing that’s akin to those who discover a love for a religious vocation. It’s absolutely true that writers are “called” to their craft. There’s a fictional character who has waited for public recognition and the perfect writer to give the character life. That’s really what it takes to be a great writer. The ability to “see” and “hear” your characters as if they were alive. Because, in Read More…

Turn Your Recipe Ideas Into A Cookbook

If you enjoy cooking or collecting recipes you may want to consider turning those recipe ideas into a cookbook. No matter what type of recipes you have, chances are there is an audience out there “hungering” for just those kinds of recipes.

Cookbooks can be organized in many different ways and can contain a variety of recipes, tips, photographs and other items. Think of a cookbook you recently bought. What made it great? Why did you buy that one rather than another that you looked through?

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Blending Fact And Fiction: How To Write Historical Novels

The story is about the characters and not the history–history is for textbooks. As in any novel, you must have interesting, active characters that want important things, hopefully in opposition to one another, and their pursuit of their desires should tell a compelling story. If you don’t have this, time and place are meaningless. People haven’t changed much over the centuries; they teased each other, wore out-dated clothes, and were embarrassed by their parents even in the time of Shakespeare. All the things you feel and think, human Read More…

What You Need To Know About Writing For Children

One of the most important things you need to know about writing for children, is to know what you write. You have to read tons and tons of books written in the genre of children’s literature to really have a good basis for what you are writing for. Once you have an idea for what is out there and how the flow of the industry is moving, then get your ideas down on paper. Don’t be let down Read More…

Get Inspired!

No matter how good a writer you are you’re eventually going to hit the wall. Writer’s block is a common phenomenon and it happens to the best of us…here’s what you need to do to break the spell and get back to work – get some inspiration!
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Tips For Writers: How To Create A Novel

Writing a novel can be daunting, as it’s not just the length but the depth of a novel that makes writing one difficult. What follows are tips to help prepare your novel.


The key to a great novel is a strong plot. You can organize your plot with a standard plot arc: exposition (the who, what, where and when of plot), rising action (the events that build to a defining moment), climax (the defining moment), falling action (the aftermath of the Read More…